Achmed's Broken Guitar is episode 8 of The Backyard Show.  

Song: Broken Guitar Blues

Achmed's Broken Guitar (Title Card)


Part 1Edit

Narration: It was one day at the backyard neighborhood, at the town concert hall. The red building on the near left of these four. Let's check in on our Backyard Sports Friends.

Achmed, and Pups get ready for a concert.

Achmed sees the viewer in surprise and says: Oh! Hello, dude! Nice to have you here. Hey Pups, good news!

Pups: What's the news.

Achmed Points to camera: Look who else is here.

Pups (To viewer): Hi there. I'm happy to see you.

Achmed (To viewer): So am I.

Achmed: Everybody get ready to get down! 1, 2, 3, 4,

(Stage lights on fire)


Welcome song is played (All sung by Achmed).

(sound gradually gets quieter) oh, dude, what happened to my guitar? (circular reveal transition)

Pups: Your guitar is broken.

(Achmed snatches guitar from his hand)

Achmed: There's no way it could actually be broken!

(randomly jams his fingers on strings)

(looks down at the guitar in his hand sadly) Achmed, where's your guitar?

(Achmed nervously hides it behind his back)

Kahn's Mother: if I find a broken guitar, you will be GROUNDED!

Achmed: Grounded!? OH-NO!

(Mother leaves)

(Amir walks in)

Amir: What happened to your heavy rocking guitar? (To viewer) Hello friend.

Achmed: Pups, could you see if you can figure out why it's broken?

Amir, you should test it.

And you at home, count the strings to see if there's one missing.

Pups: I don't see how that's going to wor---

(Achmed runs outside)

Achmed: I wonder how they're doing on my heavy rocking guitar.

(At Achmed's house)

Viewer: 1,2,3,4,---

(Achmed bursts through the door)

Pups: Achmed?

Amir: Dude?

Pups: We're nowhere near finished!

Viewers: 5,6.

Achmed: It's hopeless. Wait!!! I have to go to a concert tomorrow!!

(Dramatic music plays)

(Bell dings)

(Camera goes to Pups' face and then Amir's)

(Circular reveal transition)

(The next day)

Mother: Achmed Khan, I'm warning you, If there are anymore boom-boxes in the house, you're...

Achmed: Yes, mom. I know. Grounded.

Mother: Now get in the car, now. You too, Amir.

(Get's in his car)

Achmed: Well, Achmed. This is another fine mess you gotten yourself into.

(Circular reveal transition)

Achmed (on stage): Oh, what am I going to do?

Pups (behind curtain): Just sing! they won't notice it!

Amir: I hope not.

(Mother walks onto stage)

Mother: And one more thing.

(Achmed opens a box)

Mother: I got you a brand new guitar for the concert.

(Achmed smiles)

Achmed: Thank you.

Mother: You're welcome.

(Faint sound of singing)

(Camera zooms out of concert hall)

Narrator: We'll be right back.

Part 2Edit