"Pupswoof117 (Persona): Just a moment, I know I can do this...." - Pups, working on Aeromechanics during the UltiForce Puppehs/ Backyard Sports Crossover event. 

"White Camera, belly out!" -Ashley Webber. Launching one of Pups' Aeromechanics constructions. 

Aeromechanics, what is it, and how does it pertain to the backyard sports series?Edit

Good question. Aeromechanics in a nutshell is contraptions that fly around in the air. (I could be wrong.) With crossover events on UltiForce Puppehs, projects with flying cameras such as Backyard Basics 2, there are a number of ways it could pertain to the franchise. 

On a different note, once the game is released, the crossovers are when exactly?Edit

Great question. The answer is on the game's website when its up.