Annie's Garden (Title Card)


Annie's garden is episode 2 of The Backyard Show

Song: I love to plant all colors

Characters present:

Pups, Annie, Dante, Maria, Kenny, Samantha, Angela ,Gretchen, Vanessa

Transcript Edit

Part 1Edit

Narration: It was a warm day, the wind rushed across the air.

The Sun (To viewers): Hello. Good day to you, my friends. What a wonderful day to be outside. Wouldn't you agree?

Viewers: Yep!

The sun: Let's see what is going on down in the neighbor hood.

Narration: Meanwhile, Pups was constructing a plant creation device that attaches to an airplane.

Pups (To Viewers): Hi. Nice to see you again. Check this out. What do you think of this? It's almost complete!

Do you know what it's called?

Camera shakes no.

Pups: I am calling it a plant matter rebuilder. I will tell you about it later.

Narration: Pups takes off his glider/backpack and attaches the plant device to it.

Pups: Take flight, little machine!

Narration: The machine created loads of plants.

Pups (To Viewers): This device creates plants with a click of a button! Watch this!

Narration: Pups presses the green button... Plants grow everywhere!

Viewers: Cool!

Narration: By the way, Let's move on. Let me show you a house that has a big garden. That is the green one marked 113. A lot of flowers, trees, and other plants grow here. Right next to the Robinsons' house. And there's Annie now! Deeply engrossed with the thrills of gardening and the environment.

Annie: The environment looks great! You can also smell the wind.

Narrator: Sure enough, the wind really was blowing. At a fast speed. A fair warning for Annie to get inside.

Pups: Uh oh, my environment machine broke. It’s throwing seeds everywhere!

Annie: Is that a bad thing?

Pups: We could have an undergrowth! Anyways, Look who else is here with us. (Pointing to the camera) It's the boys and girls watching this show.

Annie (Sees the camera): Oh! Hi there. Pleased to meet you. My name is Annie. We two are having some trouble with this enviroment machine.

Pups (To camera): That's right. It's a windy day today and I want to warn you to be careful when you go outside on a day like this.

Viewers: Careful, Pups.

Pups: I got this Boys and Girls. Pups thinks for a moment and decides to fly a drone into the wind.

Annie: How would that solve anything?

Viewers: Yeah. How?