Backyard Baseball Generations is exactly like Backyard Hockey but there are 2 versions of the backyard kids. They have the 1997 and the 2004 appearences.


  • This game features the old music for the backyard kids. All the backyard kids of the 1997 and 2004 style have different voices. The only generation who has the same voice in both generations is the 2 Annie Fraziers. They both have the same voice as the modern Annie from Backayrd Football 2004 becuase all the kids' two appearences have the 2004 styled drawings.
  • Instead of 9 players, there are 10 players in this baseball team.
  • There are no pros in this game.
  • Modern Sunny day is the Play by Play and Classic Sunny Day is color commentary.

Intro VideoEdit

The intro video features several backyard kids playing a baseball game. Annie Frazier hits the ball and runs to 1st base where the camera is and bumps in to the camera. She falls and gets up slowly and Notices the viewer and says "Oh, hey! It's you! Hello and Welcome to Backyard Baseball Generations! You wouldn't believe what is happening today." Dante runs up to Annie asking "Hi Annie. What are you talking about?" Annie states that she was just about to tell us about our clones. Dante asks "Who is them"? Annie Frazier points to us. Dante sees us and says "Oh, hi. It's you. It all started because of this baseball game." Annie states that a helicopter brought the kids classic clones. Classic Annie and Dante walk up to Modern Annie and Dante. Annie says "Hello. My name is Annie Frazier. What's your name?" Modern Annie says "MY name is Annie Frazier". Classic Annie says "Wait. I'm Annie." Modern Annie says "No, I'm Annie. Wait a minute, there are 2 of me." Classic Dante does the same for Modern Dante. Classic Dante says "How DID this happen?" Classic Annie says "I think I figured it out." Modern Annie says "So have I". Doubles of us, Places and kids from our past and the 2 Annies say "We're traveling right through time and SPACE!" and the 2 Dantes say "So are we!" and Classic Annie states to us "I think this is the beginning of a new team experience. Wait till you meet all the clones!" The end.