These outtakes are done every Sunday by Pups. If Pups is not around to do the outtakes, ping him at either Pupswoof117, T-Pups, or PupsTheMechanic32. No one else touch.

outtake from part 2-1

Pups: And that's the last camera I have for now!

Punchcar: Don't worry. I have 3 more for you.

Here you are, Pups.

Punchcar: Just call me Mr. Gabe.

You're welcome, by the way.

Pups: Ok.

Sunny, Earl, Vinny: Hi everyone! (To viewers) Hi there!

outtake from part 3-1

Pups: Let's check out front.

Pups: Since Vanessa updated our networks with Pal, I haven't been able to figure out how to update or control anything on my tablet.

Vanessa being a member of a group that Pups is a part of off site.

Pups (Through wrench): Could you change Pal real quick so I'm an admin, Please?

Punchcar: Vanessa? Who is she?

Pal: Hello Pupswoof, you are now an admin.

Pups: Cameras, Rerun?

The cameras spin up again.

Music data scrapped

Punchcar: black, for example, is the color of Pups. We also have not seen it.