Another fangame by TimeTeam Networks. 


Backyard Sports: The Great Adventure is a mixture of an adventure game and a sports game. The narrator voiceover is Pups. The graphics look like the 2005 graphics. 


A strange artifact crashes from a different planet, tagged "Have fun with this!" The artifact looks an awful lot like a baseball bat. But it's made out of what seems to be space rock. Particularly space crystal. The story follows Annie and Tanner, although Tanner was just crashing for a few nights while maintenance on her mobile home was being done, turns out Tanner would have to team up with Annie to recruit a team because Planet Puppy's teams were threatened and so were earth's. 

Annie: This is sweet! A new bat! But what about the cryptic message "Have fun with this!"? 

Tanner: Not sure. The handwriting looks familiar though. 


Extra NotesEdit

Annie and Tanner both have individual inventory. 

As this is an adventure game, there will be reset points. Accessible from either Annie or Tanner's backpack. 

The majority of the game is done in Unity. 

The map 05_crashcourse is a test map. Fool with it all you want.