Backyard Sports Tennis Tournament is the very 1st Tennis Backyard Sports Game and The whole game was games of tennis. It features all the backyard kids and they have the 2004 appearence with the same voices as Backyard Football from Gamecube. Samantha has the same voice as Muffy from "Arthur". Arthur Chen has the same voice as Reese worthington. Joey Mac has the same voice as The Brain from "Arthur". The game is in 3D.

Playable Characters (Color coded)Edit

  1. Pablo Sanchez: Black
  2. Keisha Phillips: Lavender
  3. Amir Kahn: Pink
  4. Achmed Kahn: Red
  5. Dmitri Petrovich: Mahogany
  6. Vicki Kawaguchi: Yellow
  7. Dante Robinson: Blue
  8. Annie Frazier: Green
  9. Billyjean Blackwood: Forest Green
  10. Angela Delvecchio: Grey
  11. Maria Luna: Orange
  12. Gretchen Hasselhoff: Brown
  13. Kenny Kawaguchi: White
  14. Ashley Webber: Turquoise
  15. Sidney Webber: Lime Green
  16. Pete Wheeler: Purple
  17. Ronny Dobbs: Cream
  18. Sally Dobbs: Dark Pink
  19. Tony Delvecchio: Sky Blue
  20. Lisa Crocket: Violet
  21. Kimmy Eckman: Dark Yellow
  22. Reese Worthington: Teal
  23. Stephanie Morgan: Periwinkle
  24. Jocinda Smith: Rose
  25. Marky Dubois: Mulberry
  26. Jorge Garcia: Emerald Green
  27. Ernie Steele: Dark Brown
  28. Luanne Lui: Magenta
  29. Mikey Thomas: Peach
  30. Ricky Johnson: Light Grey
  31. Arthur Chen: Salmon
  32. Joey MacAdoo: Dark Purple
  33. Samantha Peirce: Aquamarine


  1. Sunny Day
  2. Chuck Downfield
  3. Abner Dubble Play
  4. Buddy Cheque
  5. Barry DeJay
  6. Vinnie the Gooch
  7. Earl Grey

Doubles Partners (Tournament)Edit

Achmed - Pete

Amir - Joey

Angela - Gretchen

Annie - Samantha

Arthur - Pablo

Ashley - Angela

Billy Jean - Sidney

Dante - Annie

Dmitri - Achmed

Ernie - Ricky

Gretchen - Maria

Jorge - Ernie

Jocinda - Kiesha

Joey - Marky

Kenny - BillyJean

Keisha - Dmitri

Kimmy - Arthur

Lisa - Stephanie

Luanne - Vicki

Maria - Dante

Marky - Mikey

Mikey - Amir

Pablo - Lisa

Pete - Keisha

Reese - Jorge

Ricky - Tony

Ronny - Sally

Sally - Marky

Samantha - Kenny

Stephanie - Jocinda

Sidney - Ashley

Tony - Reese

Vicki - Achmed

Notes: The name in front of the dash is who the player's playing as. The name behind the dash is the CPU.

Doubles Partners (Training Mode)Edit

Achmed - Amir

Amir - Pete

Angela - Tony

Annie - Maria

Ashley - Sidney

Billyjean - Annie

Dante - Billyjean

Dmitri - Pete

Ernie - Ricky

Gretchen - Samantha

Pablo - Vicky

Samantha - Dante

Notes: The name in front of the dash is who the player's playing as. The name behind the dash is the CPU.