This is the storyline for Backyard Sports Tennis Tournament.

Part 1:

Narrator: It was a warm bright day in town, and there was not a cloud in the sky. Meanwhile at a far off town…

An unnamed character: I wonder about those kids though.

Narrator: Suddenly, the weather changed to rain.

An unnamed character: “A new challenger. Great. Time for tennis. If the challenger wins, he takes over the town. If the Backyard Kids win, the challenger goes elsewhere.”

Narrator: “Out of the shadows steps a strange looking mix breed dog with a purple shirt. Who could this be?”

Shadow gets revealed

Narrator: It's Lunite! She's the new edition to the Backyard Sports crew!

Annie: We have to come up with a plan.

Achmed: To stop this person, or whoever it is that is trying to take over our court?

Annie: Yes. We need to stop it somehow.

Dante: But how are we going to?