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This is the backyard sports fanon wiki! This is where all the fan stuff for the backyard sports computer/console games happens.

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We here are now a branch of the backyard sports wiki, and any fan content will go here. That is, fan content for backyard sports.


We have a Zero tolerance policy for flaming/flame wars.

Unless you have permission, do not edit others' character maps. That'll get you a warning.

Only Pups can edit his outtakes. Since he is the founder, he had them locked so only sysops and content mods can edit. Punchcar who is Pups' assistant, and friend, made a spinoff. Don't touch that. Pups locked that with the same settings.

If Pups promotes you, (or any promoting user right given to any user) you are not required to use your right, but if you want to resign your right, post your resignation letter to a bureaucrat. We'll take care of the demotion process. However, If you are a bureaucrat, you must take the bureaucrat off yourself or ask wikia staff to do it.

Mass Messaging is frowned apon. That means sending the same message to multiple users. it is considered spamming.

As previously stated, this is a backyard sports fanon wiki. Exceptions can be made though. Just contact Management, and we'll talk you through it. Pups usually handles that stuff. 

As previously stated, mass messaging is spam. Well, so is flooding walls and our forums. On our proboards forum, you'd get your post deleted and a pm warning.

On here, note this, you have 4 chances. 4 warnings before blocks are issued. This is for minor infractions, such as making management clean up your mess. Now, management is here to help, but it is a lot of hassle maintaining a wiki. And a forum.

If you feel you've been blocked unjustly, go to the forum and create an account. Once that's done, head over to the ban discussion board. If you can't get to the forum, plan b. Contact Pups' email. It's on his YouTube.

Management is not "Singling Out" users, we are just putting forth some extra policies.  

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