Backyard skating, Smooth moves is a fanon backyard sports game that has the kids same style as the Backyard hockey, Including Erik Stream. Because this game is hand drawn, Annie sounds like Mr. Friend once again, but the voice is deeper. She is not the only one to have a voice change. Erik Stream has the same pose as Achmed Kahn but Erik sounds like Alphablock M from CBB's Alphablocks, but is an American accent.

This is what Annie Frazier says.

Instead of "What a beautiful day", she says "Booooooo!"

Instead of "I like rainbows" she says, One thing I cannot stand is a bully!

Instead of singing "La la la la la" she sings the Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Ni Nick song.

Instead of "I'm afraid I can't do that" she says Oh heck no!

Instead of saying "Wheeeeee!" she says "Aaaaaaaaah!"

Instead of saying "There's always tomorrow," she says "Booooooooo! OK I QUIT!"

You can choose from the same kids that appeared in "BYBASICS 2" including Gretchen and Stephanie.