The code of conduct (or Code of Play) is official game documentation regarding rules that is set by the site webmaster and made by administrators. TimeTeam Networks staff might have some influence at times.

Swearing is a no-no. That's usually blocked by our filters anyways. Swearing creatively in an attempt to avoid the filter will result in a game account block.

We will have a community portal where you can message the webmaster to have your images up on the site. Intentional obscenities will be denied and your game account will be banned.

Spam just annoys the admins. Don't.

There's an option to have your game account terminated by community support. (TimeTeam Networks). Handle with care, terminating the Backyard Sports MMO account removes the data after 3 weeks.

Don't tick off a moderator.

Don't tick off an admin.

Don't enable voice chat just to scream your head off. It's a waste of time for moderators and admins of MMO to ban you from chat.


First infraction, knocked off server.

Second infraction, 2 hour suspension.

Third infraction, day long suspension.

Fourth infraction, 1 week suspension.

Fifth infraction, 1 year suspension.

Sixth infraction, your final warning.

Seventh infraction, account lockdown. (Termination).