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11:15 PM <Punchcar63> Hi.

11:22 PM <•Pupswoof117> Hi!

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11:36 PM <•Punchcar63> So. what should we do for showtime?

11:45 PM <•Pupswoof117> I was watching YouTube. Let me think.

11:46 PM <•Pupswoof117> All: it's Showtime!

11:47 PM <•Pupswoof117> Disco music plays

11:50 PM <•Pupswoof117> Maria: (To viewers) let's have fun, I want this show to be fun for everyone!

11:50 PM <•Pupswoof117> How was that?

11:54 PM <•Punchcar63> Good! That can be for verse 1.

11:54 PM <•Punchcar63> My turn.

11:55 PM <•Pupswoof117> Alright.

11:56 PM <•Punchcar63> Gretchen: Maria's right. Everyone join in.

11:56 PM <•Punchcar63> Get your soccer uniform on!

11:56 PM <•Punchcar63> Come dance with me soccer style!

11:57 PM <•Punchcar63> We've got the people!

11:57 PM <•Punchcar63> Other 4: Yeah!

11:57 PM <•Punchcar63> Gretchen: Who's feeling it!

11:57 PM <•Punchcar63> Other 4: All of us!

11:58 PM <•Punchcar63> All: So hey! Let's play!

11:58 PM <•Punchcar63> So much we could do today!

11:58 PM <•Punchcar63> Dante: So get the goals on the stage!

11:59 PM <•Punchcar63> Annie, Maria, and Angela: This is starting to look like a soccer stage! Monday, March 28th, 2016

12:17 AM <•Punchcar63> How's that?

12:17 AM <•Pupswoof117> Looks good!