This is a backyard basics page

This is the song "Fraziercise" sung by Maria Luna, and Dante Robinson, Gretchen Hasselhoff, Annie Frazier, and Angela Delvecchio in the key of D#Mj. Instead of Dante, Annie takes the lead.



Annie: Fraziercise time to do some Fraziercise. 3-2-1-GO!


Annie: Fraziercise!

Dante, Maria, Angela, and Gretchen: Fraziercise!

Annie: What a surprise, cause I'm the leader of this song. Just follow me!

All 5: That's what we're all about! Know what we mean?

Annie: Go get out of your chair, now to the Fraziercise!

Exercise Annie Frazier style!

Verse 1:

Annie: Well first we stretch! All: Fraziersice!

Annie: Something like this. Reach down to the ground as if you were a seed.

Dante: What do we do next?

Maria, Angela, and Gretchen: We all want to know.

Annie: Just copy me do, so let's have a go. Reach up to the sky and Join your hands together. And now your a tree. I think your doing better.


Annie (To Camera): Oh you're doing a great job. Keep it up because we are going to have a lot of fun. Here we go.


Verse 2:

Annie: Exercise on dirt and heavy weather, Come on now, I think you’re doing better.

Maria: Speaking of Dirt, what else comes from the dirt.

Dante, Angela, and Gretchen: Yeah. We all want to know.

Annie: A worm is another thing in the dirt, so let's squirm as if we were some.

Gretchen: If it were up to us how would we do it?

Annie: Maybe like this,

Dante, Maria, Angela: Or something like this.


Verse 3:

Annie: And now for the finale, jog like a red fox.

Angela: Don't ask a mule.

Dante, Maria and Gretchen: A mule is always lazy.

Annie: if you hate to exercise, you might just be a mule so come on and follow just what I do!

Musical interlude for 30 seconds

Chorus is sung twice.


Annie (Speaking to camera): Well done, friends. Now you should feel really fit that you might want to go outside and play soccer. Pat yourself on the back.

(Annie smiles and winks)

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