Jocinda's Stinky socks is the 1st episode of season 3 of The Backyard Show and 25th overall.


After playing 2 hours of football with her friends, Jocinda realized her socks are stinky and her friends Stephanie, Pete, Keisha, and Vicki try to get her to take off her socks but she refuses because they're her favorite socks and she explains that she never takes them off. More coming soon.


Part 1Edit

Narrator: As we open, we see Annie, Jocinda and a few other friends playing football. It took about 2 hours for Annie to notice a bad smell.

Annie: What is that smell?

Dante: Well, if someone hasn’t changed an article of clothing in over a week let us know. Please.

Jocinda: Yeah, that’s my lucky socks.

Annie and Dante: Lucky socks? Big deal.

Jocinda: It IS a big deal. Oh yeah and we have some company (Pointing to us) here with us as well. It's our friends at home.

Dante: We do? (Faces the camera) Oh yes! Hi everyone!

Annie (To Screen): Hiya, and welcome to Parks Department feild #3.

Jocinda (To screen): Yeah how ya doing? I was just showing my friends Annie and Dante my lucky socks. I'll show them to you. Want to see them?

(Camera shakes yes)

Jocinda: Ok. They go in this order. (Camera zooms in to 1 sock) Blue, Red, Green, Yellow. Blue, Red, Green, Yellow. Can you guess what comes next?

5 seconds to answer

Viewers: Blue!

Jocinda: Nice one. Blue! Then red, green and finally yellow. Yes. I know they stink, but these socks help me win every game of football I played.