She’s odd, wonder who she is? - Haley Woof, Planet Puppy, Portals of Time And Space.


Lilac Woof is a sarcastic, playful anthropomorphic dog. She really doesn’t care about getting her paws dirty.


She is a Labrador retriever, about the same size as Haley. She has brown eyes, and one eyelash on each eye. Her fur color is yellow, and she wears a lilac colored sweater, dark blue pants, a leather  belt with a gold paw on the center, and a highly advanced wristwatch. She also has blonde hair that is tied back with a hair tie and a solid white hairpin. 


Her first appearance was in the Backyard Sports, Bubble Guppies, and TimeTeam Realms crossover “Planet Puppy: Portals of Time And Space”.


She is Pupswoof’s great grandfathers daughter. She was suspended in time by the time watch. Taking it off will kill her.