5 minutes to the showAchmed's Broken GuitarAchmed Kahn (The Backyard Show)
AeromechanicsAmir Kahn (The Backyard Show)Amir for class president
Angela Delvecchio (The Backyard Show)Annie's garden (The Backyard Show)Annie Frazier (The Backyard Show)
Art Memories (The Backyard Show)Ashley Webber (The Backyard Show)BYBASICS2 Outtakes by Punchcar63
BYBASICS 2 Music, The Rock OperaBackyard Baseball GenerationsBackyard Basics 2 (Backyard Sports soccer TV Special)
Backyard Basics 2 (Backyard Sports soccer TV Special) TranscriptBackyard Basics 2 (Backyard Sports soccer TV Special) Transcript/OuttakesBackyard Sports: Quest For the 7 Paws
Backyard Sports: The Great AdventureBackyard Sports: Turbo RushBackyard Sports Art Workshop
Backyard Sports MMOBackyard Sports PupMastersBackyard Sports Tennis Tournament
Backyard Sports Tennis Tournament (Storyline)Backyard Sports fanon WikiaBackyard Sports in other media
Backyard skateboarding, Smooth moves!Baseball FeverBasketball st.
Basketball st. episode 1Billy Jean Blackwood (The Backyard Show)Bots of the Backyard Sports Fanon Wiki
Bysmmo:Account Restrictions and rulesCharacter MapsCharacter Maps/Achmed Kahn
Character Maps/Amir KahnCharacter Maps/Angela DelvecchioCharacter Maps/Annie Frazier
Character Maps/Ashley WebberCharacter Maps/Brandi ChastainCharacter Maps/Dante Robinson
Character Maps/Keisha PhillipsCharacter Maps/Maria LunaCharacter Maps/Punchcar63
Character Maps/Pupswoof117 (Persona)Character Maps/Sidney WebberCharacter Maps/Tony Delvecchio
Character Maps/VanessaChat Archive 3-27-16Chat Archive 5-14-16
Chat Archives 3-25-16Clubhouse PhoneCooking Calamities
DVD Menu transcript for BYBASICS2Dante's Art Attack (The Backyard Show)Dante Robinson
Dante Robinson (The Backyard Show)Dante and the Three AnniesDerby Dangers
Dmitri Petrovich (The Backyard Show)FraziercizeFun time
Go for the goalGretchen HasselhoffHello song
I like to eat a lotI need to find those prosIntro Video transcript (BBL Generations)
Jocinda SmithKenny KawaguchiKick that ball
Kiesha PhillipsLuna NightMaria's dog
Maria Luna (The Backyard Show)Monique (The Backyard Show)Monique gets in shape
Our partnersPablo SanchezPete Wheeler
Policies:Management PoliciesPractice makes progressPups' Hockey Fiasco
PupsTheMechanic (Turbo Rush)Pupswoof117 (The Backyard Show)Pupswoof117 (The Backyard Show)/Quotes
Reese Worthington (The Backyard Show)Samantha Peirce (The Backyard Show)Seven
ShowtimeShowtime ColorsSidney Webber (The Backyard Show)
Soccer JamminSongs in The Backyard ShowStephanie Morgan
TannerThe "Showtime" bandThe Backyard Show
The Welcome Song (The Backyard Show)The alphabet of soccerThe best friend jingle
The green green grass bluesTony DelvecchioTony the skating king
Truth HurtsTurboPups (Turbo Rush)Vanessa
Vicki Kawaguchi (The Backyard Show)Wiki Affiliations
File:Achmed's Broken Guitar (Title Card).pngFile:Achmed Kahn.pngFile:Achmed guitar.png
File:Angela-Dancing-frames.gifFile:Annie's Garden (Title Card).pngFile:Annie-Dancing-frames.gif
File:Annie Frazier's three different voice boxes.pngFile:Annie Frazier-0.pngFile:Annie Frazier.png
File:BYFanon wikia B.pngFile:BYFanon wikia B WordMark Punchcar63 credit reupload.pngFile:BYFanon wikia C.png
File:Backyard Basics 2 (Backyard Sports soccer TV Special) Banner.pngFile:Backyard Basics 2 (Backyard Sports soccer TV Special) DVD CD.pngFile:Backyard Basics 2 (Backyard Sports soccer TV Special) bigger DVD box.png
File:Backyard Quidditch.pngFile:Baseball Fever (Title Card).pngFile:Best Friends.png
File:Bot permission.pngFile:Brandi Chastain.pngFile:Comics.png
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Contributions page for Blackbeard teach.pngFile:Dante's Art Attack (Title Card).png
File:Dante's Full Family.pngFile:Dante Robinson.pngFile:Dante Robinson (TBS).png
File:Dante and the Three Annies (Title Card).pngFile:Derby Dangers (Title Card).pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Favicon.icoFile:Front mouth.pngFile:Gretchen.png
File:Happy.pngFile:Maria's Dog (Title Card).pngFile:Maria-Dancing-frames.gif
File:Maria Luna.pngFile:Monique gets in Shape (Title Card).pngFile:Neutral.png
File:Planet Puppy Origins Pups.pngFile:Pups' Gaming Pack Athourity Paw Lead Editor 1.pngFile:Pupswoof117 BYSPORTS Style.png
File:Sam.pngFile:Showtime band's stage (BYBASICS 2).pngFile:Showtime colors.png
File:Showtime colors (Teal).pngFile:Some words from t-pups 1.pngFile:Talk Neutral.png
File:Talk Sad.pngFile:Talk happy.pngFile:Talk happy (Front).png
File:Tanner (Fursona).pngFile:Temp Screenshot- The code used for Supercoolshot5 and my colors.pngFile:The Backyard Show Title card.png
File:The Other Stage (BYBASICS 2).pngFile:The Showtime Band.pngFile:The Stage (BYBASICS 2).png

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