aka PTM, Tanner, or Pups (On Total Hiatus)

  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is Game designer, Video maker, comic creator, and back on the Chat Mod force on the Bubble Guppies Wiki!
  • I am Female (the persona is female. )
Tanner (Fursona)This user has retired, we all have a time and place to leave. Message Wall Greeting:PupsTheMechanic32 My account is permanently inactive. I have moved on to do other things. You may find me on YouTube, forums, or certain social groups. You want help with the wiki? Either Pups, Punchcar or Supercoolshot5 are the ways to go. I will be retracting most of my user rights on this wiki. Good luck everyone!

Hi, I'm Pups The Mechanic, just call me Pups or PTM. You can send friendly messages, any offensive messages will be ignored or removed. Thanks for reading! Note: I'm gone from Wikia, just for a short while. You can still message me!

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