This is the song "Practice makes progress" sung by the "Showtime" band in the key of D sharp major. Dante takes the lead. 


Intro (Chorus): 

Dante: 1, 2, 3! Yeah! Practice makes progress, when you play! Try practicing some soccer today! 

Annie: Alright!

Dante: When you practice playing a soccer game, you can really get a goal and win the game!

Verse 1Edit

Gretchen: Let's do this!

The rest of the band: Yeah!

Annie: Are you ready?

The rest of the band: Yeah!

Angela: Let's play!

The rest of the band: Yeah!

Maria: Ok!

The rest of the band: OK!

Dante (To viewers): Well show some soccer moves to you!

The rest of band cheering!

Verse 2Edit

Annie: Speaking of soccer moves, let's get in the soccer groove! Dante: when you play, you get better every day!

Dante scores a goal.

Maria: Dante, that's very good.

Dante: Thanks Maria. This just keeps getting better to me! It's time to wind up that move.


Verse 3Edit

Angela: Sometimes it's all about something we see 

.Gretchen: Like when practicing a goal kick or penalty. 

Both: When we play soccer, we don't use our hands. 

All 5: Gotta keep the soccer ball away from your hands.

Dante: Another thing in soccer is 1 exception. 

Annie: And when you are the goaile, than hands are ok.

Dante: Thank you Annie for pointing that out.

Annie: But the rest of soccer is hands out.

Dante: No doubt.


(Over to Gretchen, Maria, and Angela)Gretchen: That is the number one rule.

Angela: Hands in soccer are like danger. 

Maria: Absolutely.

Gretchen: No doubt.


Verse 4Edit

Gretchen: What's next?

Maria: Maybe we could talk about stealing the ball?

Dante: Stealing the ball is a dangerous thing. You could end up getting fouled for tackling.

Or maybe you could be the tackled one. So you have to be careful when doing this.

All: That is how you practice a soccer game. That's the way to the road to fame.

Annie: The game moves around in all of those styles.

Gretchen, Maria, and Angela: We like to play soccer while wearing a smile.


You can really get a goal and win the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

Dante Smiles, and winks.

The others: The end.