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This is the song "Showtime" sung by Maria Luna, and Dante Robinson, Gretchen Hasselhoff, Annie Frazier, and Angela Delvecchio in the key of G sharp Major. Gretchen takes the lead.

Lyrics Edit


Gretchen: It's showtime! We're on the set soon!

Dante, Maria, Angela, and Annie: Let's do this!


Gretchen: It's time for the show, if you know what I mean.

Other 4: We've finally cranked up our tune machine!

Gretchen: It's time for soccer! Here we go!

All: Let's get in the game! On with the show!

Verse 1:

All: it's Showtime!

Disco music plays

Maria: (To viewers) Let's have fun, I want this show to be fun for everyone!

Gretchen: Maria's right. Everyone join in. Get your soccer uniform on! Come dance with me soccer style! We've got the people!

Other 4: Yeah!

Gretchen: Who's feeling it!

Other 4: All of us!

All: So hey! Let's play! So much we could do today!

Dante: So get the goals on the stage!

Annie, Maria, and Angela: This is starting to look like a soccer stage!


Verse 2:

Dante, Maria, and Angela: It's showtime!

Annie: Let's get on the set.

Dante, Maria, and Angela: It's showtime!

Annie: Play some soccer. Speaking of soccer, Check out my shirt!

Gretchen: It's getting really close but we only began this song!

Verse 3:

Gretchen (To viewers): What are you hoping for? What would you like?

Angela (To viewers): A team? A goalie? Maybe a dance!

Dante, Maria, Angela: If it were up to us, what would we choose?

Gretchen: Put them all together and it goes like this.

60 second musical interlude.


Verse 4:

Gretchen (To viewers): We're glad you're here, singing with us.

What a special treat, that can't be beat!  

Dante: When I say show, you say time. SHOW!

Maria, Angela, Annie:TIME!

Dante: SHOW!

Maria, Angela, Annie: TIME!

Gretchen: And now the show has started and this song is coming to an end. There's not much time to sing, so we better Hurry up.

Dante: When I say show, you say time. SHOW!

Maria, Angela, Annie:TIME!

Dante: SHOW!

Maria, Angela, Annie: TIME!

Chorus is sung twice.


Gretchen: As you know, our song is done. Did you have fun?

Dante, Maria, Angela, and Annie: Yes we did!

Gretchen: You'll all be able to tell that it's showtime!

All 5: On, with the shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!