Tony the skating king is episode 21 of the backyard show. this episode focuses on Tony Delvecchio.

Opening Story Edit

The backyard kids were all going to the park to skate, but one thing was in the way... when they got there, they saw that there was a huge skating tournament!

Transcript Edit

They all stared at the long line of other kids.

Vinnie: Tony, hurry up and put your skates on!

Tony's big brother pulled the back of tony's collar to the registering booth.

Pups came running down the sidewalk to Tony's house. The one on the right with the stone chimney.

He rang the doorbell.

Pups: Hello, anybody home?!

Pups: Oh, crap!

Pups ran to the skate park.

Kids, there is a huge skating competition taking up the skate park and- kids?

Pups turned around and was shocked to see that the backyard kids were entering.

Announcer: 3, 2, 1, and the first round begins!

[Pups is sitting on the park bench to the left, before the tournament starts]

Pups (to viewers): Oh, hello! if you've been listening...

[Camera scrolls to new scene featuring past scenes in the episode]

The backyard kids were about to go to the skate park, but something got in the way, there was a skating competition taking up the entire park! oh- the race is starting.

[Tony skates fastest, Ricky behind him, Sidney and Ashley behind him, and everyone else is off screen.]

Ricky: Let's do this.

Ricky zoomed forward, but Tony whipped forward like a rocket.

Achmed: Dude, I should have trained harder.

[Whistle blows]

Eric: Round one is over!

[Round one of the race was actually an hour long but is shown shorter here.]

[Circular reveal transition]

[Now at Tony's house]

Tony: Ha Ho! beat 'em again!

Vinnie: You do remember about sportsmanship, right?

Vinnie (to viewers): Remember, sportsmanship is very important when playing sports.

Tony: Yes.

Vinnie: Come on! let's train for the next round tomorrow!

[Now at Dante's house]

Dante's Mom: The neighborhood skate tour ended months ago, so to cover skating, we'll have a bigger kid try to teach you. Dante, meet Eric Stream.

Part 2 Edit